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Arable Water gives you a complete view of your crop's water needs and actual applied irrigation to help simplify irrigation planning and optimize water usage.


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Arable is proud to be named 2023 Water Monitoring Solution of the Year by AgTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Synthesizing data collected by the Arable Mark—such as evapotranspiration, weather, soil moisture, irrigation flow times, and crop growth stage—Arable Water* is the only irrigation monitoring tool you need to make informed irrigation decisions, optimize water usage, and advance sustainability.

Irrigate Based on Need

Quickly scan across your fields to identify areas that need attention. See how long you need to run your irrigation to replace the amount of water that's leaving a field. Manage an effective deficit irrigation strategy.

Track Applied Irrigation

Maintain visibility into when and where irrigation is happening. Track run dates and times to ensure your irrigation plans are implemented as intended.

Maintain Soil Moisture Thresholds

See the percentage of available water content in your soil. Set refill thresholds to indicate the need for irrigation. Quantify water inputs and water demand on a field-by-field basis.

Stay Ahead of Heat Stress

Identify crop stress before it impacts yield or quality. Get ahead of heat events with preemptive measures. Deploy resources efficiently with operation-wide visibility.

*Arable Water is available with Mark 2 and Mark 3 devices. The use of a GEMS pressure switch is required.

Arable is fantastic for working out what the plants are using and then applying the right amount of water to keep the vines where they’re not suffering stress and we’re not compromising yield and quality.” 

Tony Hoare, Viticulturist
Beach Road Wines

Arable Mark 3

Redefine What's Possible With the All-New Mark 3

Arable's latest innovation for in-field sensing is simpler, smarter, and more reliable than ever.


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